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Simone Christoph

Your Online Business Manager


SimoneAs the principal of SimOne Virtual Solutions, I started my business as a virtual assistant business specializing in bookkeeping in 2006. Doing most of the work myself but adding team members, as needed, to provide the best service I could. Soon, I learned that I really enjoyed working with team members, setting up systems, and most importantly keeping things MOVING and getting projects COMPLETED.

OBM LogoThis put me on the path of “how can I work as a manager for other online business owners and reassure them that I am qualified to help them run and grow their business.” Quickly, I found Tina Forsyth’s Online Business Manager™ certification training. I went through the training and a rigorous certification week and received my Online Business Manager™ certification.


Of course, I am also a member of the Online Business Manager community which is crucial for all my ongoing training, resource sharing, and knowledge base. The online business world is full of excitement and changes. Technology never rests, everything moves at lightning speed, and it is important to keep up. This community is a vital source of information for best practices in the field of online business management.

When I first started working in the online world, I realized how important it was to convey to my clients that I was not only good at what I did but that I had high ethical and moral standards. After all, it’s not easy to trust a person you have never met in person. Passing the IVAA Ethics Check ™ and proudly displaying the logo is my way of saying “I work hard to earn your trust and ethics are extremely important to me.”


My membership and volunteer work for the International Virtual Assistants Association is a vital part of my business. It’s a wonderful community with members that share their knowledge freely and a great resource for finding team members. I have been volunteering for IVAA since 2007, starting with verifying member online compliance to tech support and eventually venue lead for the IVAA Online Summit.

American Institue of Professional Bookkeepers LogoQuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor

As an AIPB Certified Bookkeeper, XERO Certified Advisor, and QuickBooks ProAdvisor, I know that numbers matter. Accounting and metrics are always in the back of my mind when I work with any business owner. I want my clients to succeed and efficiency is key. Creating systems and processes, online tools, building and managing a successful team, launching projects/products are all expenses to the entrepreneur but create profit if they are managed correctly.XERO Certified Advisor Logo

Even though this is a fast paced environment, I have created a nice balanced life for myself – through systems, procedures, limitations, and healthy living and I love to do the same for my clients.

On a personal note, I am an animal lover and regularly volunteer at our local no-kill shelter, Animal Village N.M. As a volunteer dog trainer and walker, I get plenty of exercise to make up for the hours sitting in my office chair.