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Online Business Management and Bookkeeping

Tired of trying to follow-up on projects, marketing, the team, and your business administration?  Are you longing for someone to take over the management part of your business, so you can dig in with your expertise? Would you like someone you can brainstorm with and that person just takes it from there and gets it done?   If any of these questions or other similar ones make you say “YES” in your head, then contact me, Simone Christoph, and we can find out if working together would make you a happier and more successful business owner.

Working Together

Options range from me managing your team, to bringing in my own team, to a hybrid solution that works best for your business.


Established business owners that are ready to grow. Start-ups with a healthy capital. We are particularly passionate about tech, pet, and natural health businesses.

Working Virtually

The primary tool is a good project management application which is supported by email, telephone, and, if needed, instant messaging.
Simone has been an absolute godsend to our company, Gates Yoga Enterprises Inc. She is able to effortlessly work within our existing structure and has innovated multiple solutions to create a far more streamlined operation. I rely on her work ethic, her deep knowledge of the systems we use and her high level of output. She is entirely consistent and a pleasure to work with. I have worked with numerous people around the operations of our small company and I have never been more satisfied.
Mariam Gates

Gates Yoga Enterprises, Inc.

Simone has provided excellent operational, bookkeeping, and HR support.  As a venture-funded startup, we certainly appreciate her efficiency, responsiveness and initiative. Just as importantly, her pleasant, no drama, get things done attitude make her easy to work with for everybody.

She’s exceptionally proficient with the full range of software packages and Internet services and has been great help in implementing and refining our processes as we’ve matured.  I would hire her in any future endeavor and give her my highest recommendation.

Ramana Rao

OwnTown, Inc.

Simone’s attention to detail, creativity and commitment to our success has helped us develop cutting edge technological systems to support our growing portfolio of work. She is an tremendous asset to our team and a joy with which to work.
Jara Dean-Coffey


“You know, I don’t always respond to all the things you do but I want to say THANK YOU x 10, 20, 30, 50?!  I really appreciate how “on it” you are.”

“Very, very nice presentation. I agree we don’t need to meet today. I didn’t even need to log in to QuickBooks to test it! Thank you for the time saving presentation - very much appreciated!”

Friendly, focused, proactive professional support. I felt immediate relief from ‘day one’. SimOne is a delight to work with.

David Stern

1 Columbia Design

How do we get started?

It is imperative that the business owner/online business manager relationship is a strong one and that the online business manager will meet the business owners expectations. A sense of wanting to move forward together is what will make the business thrive. The more trust the business owner has in the manager, the more work he/she can hand over and the less work for the business owner. Since this is so important, an in-depth conversation is needed to find out if similar or complimentary values, personality, working styles, and communication styles exist . To schedule a discovery call, please use my online calendar to find a mutually convenient time.